The High End Of Low Interviews

Metal Hammer (Germany)

Marilyn Manson
2009 Jun

Marilyn Manson, Schlafloss in Los Angeles 

-about the record company: 
"Nowadays while the record industry is doing so badly they can be happy to release such an album. The record is strong and self-confident and I’m glad to go on tour with it." 

-about EAT ME, DRINK ME: 
"EMDM is a rather difficult record for me now. While creating it I was down and the record was part of my recovery. I won’t play most of the songs on this record ever again. Listening to them is not traumatic for me but I just don’t want to deal with it now."

-about The High End Of Low: 
"While creating this record I realized that I don’t need a fictional story or a concept. Being myself is difficult enough -whereas writing songs about it fortunately isn’t. I’m myself on this record. It contains my anger, my pain and my weird and special sense of humour. I wanted to do a record that shows how complicated it is to be me. And I couldn’t and didn’t want to do this from a distant perspective of a fictional character. I can’t invent things that are more complicated than my personal life. 

The album also deals with lost and regained time, with destroyed and recovered relationships and eventually with the fact that I could write songs and make friends with Twiggy again. That was a very significant point in my life- we haven’t seen each other for 7 years. 

I don’t think the album is like anything we did in the past -it just has the past’s attitude." 

-about the Rape of the World-Tour: 
"When we finally were on stage together again it was just for a couple of weeks and it was sad because the atmosphere was great. So we decided to put this energy directly into the record. We can’t wait to play the songs live. Twiggy will be the guitarist for the first time on the upcoming tour. When I first met him he was a guitarist in another band. I convinced him to play bass- in my opinion he’s the best bass player in the universe and after THEOL he’s also the best guitar player I’ve ever heard. I think the way he plays the guitar is so arrogant, proud and complicated - it’s everything at the same time and it reflects his personality." 

-about Pretty as a swastika: 
"First the record company wanted to force me to take the whole song from the record because they were afraid it would not sell as much and that it would be too offensive. I didn’t get it. The word „swastika“ itself isn’t offensive. They came with the German history argument although the song has not the intent to portray the holocaust or Nazis as beautiful. The title comes from something I literally said to a girl whose appearance had this color combination: Red lips, white skin and black hair. 
So I decided to use the dollar sign instead. It’s a replacement for the original but it represents what the discussion is about: The record company is about money and not art.. This title is one of my favourite artistic and poetic statements. It’s open for interpretation. And that’s what art should be about: A question mark and not a dollar sign." 

-about selling-out: 
"Money has no meaning to me. Everything I need is enough money to afford a hotel room, cat food and absinthe. That’s my survival minimum. Money shouldn’t be the motivation for an artist. An artist should be happy to be able to express his ideas and visions. Many famous people lost this original motivation- and I never wanted to be one of them. I never wanted to be a product that is formed by others. But that’s difficult: It’s not easy not being a car when people want to sell you like one." 

-about relationship status: 
"I’m living alone with my cats since November. I’m at a point in my life where I’m looking for someone who is taking a relationship as serious as I do." 

-about upcoming tour: 
"I want to transfer my domestic surroundings on stage. I want to blur the line between my art and my personal life on stage."