The High End Of Low Interviews

Metal Hammer

Marilyn Manson
2009 Dec 04

Marilyn Manson spoke to Hammer and announced his plans to play three of his classic albums on seperate nights in cities around the world. Plus, he fields questions about this year's Download performance...

"In the States – and a few select dates in Europe maybe - we plan to play the three albums, Holy Wood, Mechanical Animals and Antichrist Superstar top-to-bottom at three nights in each city, which is something we've never done - we've never attempted live."

Do you feel your recent negative live reviews - like Download - were fair?
"I didn't really read them but I don't think we were in as nearly good shape as we're in now. I'm not going to make any excuses but right now we're not taking shit from anyone, we're kicking ass. It's more punk rock and stripped down but at the same time it's more theatrical, it's just back in the groove of what Marilyn Manson's supposed to be. It took a lot to crawl out of the hole in my mind that I was in after finishing the record, [taking some time off] and not knowing what I wanted to do with myself. And now I do. So that's gonna come across."

The High End Of Low marks an upturn for the reception of MM albums, do you feel like you're on the up?
"I hope so. I'd like it to be. I think it's just a matter of making music... honestly, I find the best gauge for testing out songs is to play them to a girl. It doesn't have to be any girl in particular. I tend to think that girls are the best gauge on songs because if they like it... I remember when I went to concerts when I was young to pick up girls that were going there to try and get the rock band to have sex with them [chuckle], it simplifies the music making process, [chuckles], no honestly, I just think... I like my opinion, and I can be objective. I'm not so self-centred that I think something sounds good... I'm a harsh critic, of myself especially so, right now I think I made an amazing record that I want more people to hear and I'm going to make more videos and I'm going to do it on my terms. And I've got a new website to facilitate that."