The High End Of Low Interviews

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Marilyn Manson
2010 Aug 04

Manson, Marta. Nice to meet you.

Do you remember me? No?
"I'm trying to..."

That's alright, I had black hair. We toured together, a couple summers ago.

I play in Bleeding Through.
"I didn't know that."

That's OK. You don't have to.
"Bleeding Through?"

You working on a new album?
"That's when you don't wear a tampon with your underwear, right?"

It's true, it's true.
"I am working on a new album."

Yes, we're very excited about it. "We" as in my whole life. Are you excited about it?
"I actually am. It sounds really death metal."


I'm going to love it.
"Fuck, no I already love it. We were doing a song that was going to be involved with some vampire TV show and they were trying to tell me what to do, and I said 'don't tell me what to do', so I didn't do that. But you know we've got 13 songs. Cause I moved into pretty much a loft right above a liquor store."

"So I got all I need: Liquor, I've got my paints, my band, my musics."

Awesome. And what else you need? Like a little kitty?
"I have two cats. Breasts. These are all the things you need in life. Basics."

Awesome. So when does it come out? Or when is it hoped for?
"I don't know. The good news is that we're not on Interscope anymore so we are kind of planning our future differently. And I want to try and do something different."

Pave the way for us.
"I don't want to put out records the same way people do anymore. I would rather - if I want to sell turds, if you want to buy a turd - how dare me not to sell it. It's my obligation! I want to have a business card that says Turd Salesman. Here's my card!"

I bet I can get one made for you. How about that?
"I already got one. Bam - done!"

What am I going to sell?
"I don't know. That's up to you. Tampons?"

Fair enough, good talking to you.