The High End Of Low Interviews


Marilyn Manson
2009 Jun 13

"Life is a matter of trying to be more happy than sad. I'M TRYING TO DO DRINK AND DRUGS WHEN I'M HAPPY RATHER THEN WHEN I'M SAD and I've found that life becomes simpler that way. I don't think there was ever a time that I've ever tried intentionally to be sad but it's harder to create things when you're happy. I'm never going to be the sort of person who thinks ignorance is bliss. People who are unaffected by anything - from politics to teenage horniness - are just uninteresting to me. They're not people I want to know and they make up the greater proportion of the world. They're not people I feel the need to please."

"Blaming me for that was ridiculous. It's a lack of responsibility for everyone. If you want to blame something, well, I went to Christian school. That's why I write what I write. SHALL WE BLAME THE CHRISTIANS? I essentially lost everything because of Columbine but, if it happened now, it just wouldn't have the same impact. There has to be the first person who takes the arrows in the back and I guess that was me."

"I have the same simple problems as anyone does. Forget about fame and the money because none of that matters when you break things down into simple human factors. Obviously I'm a person and I HAVE THE SAME FEELINGS AS OTHERS. The problem is, mine are multiplied by the messes I get myself into by being me. I'm not demanding, I just think it's a demand to be around someone like me. But I'm very comfortable being me now. I've stopped being hard on myself. At the same time, I'm not complacent AND I'M GROWING AS A BETTER PERSON. I want to be always transforming. If you don't have change, you're static and you don't evolve. That equals death, essentially."

"This is really about two things: blow-jobs and drugs. That's really all we're trying to get here. The record company get annoyed about that because they don't get commission on those things. What's 15 per cent of that? A HAND-JOB AND A LINE OF COKE? They don't know what to do."

"If there was a Grammy Award for death toll, it would be mine. I DON'T THINK ABYONE HAS BEEN BLAME FOR AS MUCH VIOLENCE AS ME. In the period since my last album [2007's EAT ME, DRINK ME], there's been the Virginia Tech massacre and that Asa Coon kid, who was actually wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt. There was another kid who shot up a church. They all said, 'Marilyn Manson'. They all actually included me in it. When I didn't get blamed in the press for it, I felt almost cheated! The weirdest thing is that everyone is very worried about what my music will inspire others to do. Why isn't anyone worried about what it might inspire me to do?"