The High End Of Low Interviews


Marilyn Manson
2009 Dec

He might not be quite the God Of Fuck he used to be, but MARILYN MANSON has never been one to mince his words. Here're some verbal delights he's given us over the years...


"I've done everything I've wanted to do sexually. I've found that sometimes fantasy is better than reality. So sometimes if I have a secual dream I accept that with as much meaning as if it happened in - quote unquote - 'reality'."


"I do the drugs and I win. I think that rehab is for quitters, and that if you can't handle drugs than you should go to bed. People who abuse drugs make the people who use drugs look bad."


"I'd like to see several members of that band die, so that Adidas rock would stop making young kids have terrible sense of fashion and terrible sense of what rock 'n' roll should be..."


"Marilyn Manson has consumed me from the day he was invented. I can't write something unless it's in a song. I can't draw something unless it's inteded to use with the music. I don't have a seperate hobby or life, and I feel more comfortable onstage than anywhere else. I often geel like I'm putting on an act when I have to 'behave' in everyday society."


"The Christian idea of God always seemed illogical to me. I believed in the supernatural and the forces of nature. The idea of worshipping a God who punished you for doing something wrong sounded really lame to me, so I always sought out other ideas."


"My fans remind me of how I was when I was growing up, and you know, there's really no-one there them to say, 'Hey, what about their rights? What about their feelings?', The normal, white teenager does not have a support group other than Marilyn Manson."


"I think that the repression and guilt that revolves around sexuality causes sexual violence. We're so used to Christian guilt that sex is dirty and masturbation will make you go blind, so people are ashamed to be themselves - which is more of a cause of sexual violence than pornography."


"I've allowed my eyebrows to grow back. I think it makes me more cuddly, likeable and loveable."


"If I could be any one other character I would love to be Willy Wonka, even if it was just so that I could see up Veruca Salt's skirt. He's the most enigmatic character in a children's film. He was both Christ and Satan."


"I don't think of myself as being obsessed with death, but I guess if you look at it objectively I do surround myself with a lot of death-like imagery."