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Mayhem Rockstar Festival Reports

Marilyn Manson
2010 Aug 04

Full Metal Jackie with Marilyn Manson, it's nice to meet you sir.
"Full Metal Jackie..."

Yeah that's me.
"Oh, alright."

So what are you excited about seeing most tonight?
"Thank you, I won't take the gloves off for this interview. Ah, no I came here for The West Memphis Three cause, and it was something I decided a long time ago not to get behind because I thought that my involvement would add to the problem."

Because of blame.
"Well that was before Columbine, and I'm happy what I chose, and was talking to Damien Echols' wife the past couple of days about that. I think it's very fated that I chose not to do that, because it probably wouldn't have helped, it would have hurt.
Now I'm in a position where I can help, and I did a painting, over the past two days of Damien, and that's what I want to contribute in trying to help the cause. It's something I really feel inspired to get behind now, where I feel like I can actually help and not hurt. I wasn't being a coward before, I was just simply being smart, I thought that it would be something that would get my name in the press like it's not already in there, but I wanted to help, now it's a time I can help."

I appreciate you stopping here for us, can you tell us anything about what's happening with Marilyn Manson right now?
"I have no idea. Me? Oh, yeah. Yes, Twiggy and I are back together. I live in a place I visited probably fifteen years ago and we're almost half way done with a new record and we don't have Interscope holding us down, so we're going to try and reinvent the way we put out music.
It's severely Death Metal, I think Twiggy caught some virus from us being on tour with Slayer, so I think he feels like he wants to go back to his roots."

So you were just talking about Slayer, you guys were out on tour last summer, was that fun for you guys?
"Yes, it was. I actually had to babysit Dave Lombardo, and Kerry King and I are pals. Yes."

Awesome. Cool, well I really appreciate you stopping, have fun tonight. Thank you.
"Don't tell me what to do, but yes okay." [smiles]

Okay, don't have fun tonight. See you.
"Alright. [smiles]